Sports Fundraising Activities
E.G.G. Walkathon, a 50km hiking in 12 hours fundraising project for children's public welfare, was launched by Shanghai United Foundation in 2011. We adhere to the charity concept of happiness, independence and effectiveness to provide happy growth and equitable development for minors under 18. This project provides participators with dual value of personal challenge and charity involvement and, meanwhile, helps to improve the professional ability of public welfare organizations, allowing children to really benefit from institutional guarantee, professional services and social care.
Family Walkathon (by Shanghai United Foundation, since 2014) is a hiking public welfare project to support and improve the helping the old project and enable healthy, happy and active old age for senior citizens through parents and children involvement in Shanghai.

In 2022, “Family Walkathon” will focus on the theme of “home-based old-age-friendly renovation” to promote inclusive services of old-age-friendly transformation, popularize the overall concept of old-age-friendly design and explore old-age-friendly universal design system to create a truly old-age-friendly environment for the elderly now and people who is getting old through the cooperation among governments, market forces and non-profit organizations.
Ride in Red is an innovative charity cycling event starting in 2017. It promotes low-carbon lifestyle in metropolis like Shanghai. The raised fund is used to support the development of grassroots nonprofits. SUF has held this event for three times, and raised nearly $24,000 in total. (Up to Jan 1st, 2019)
Other Ways of Donation

Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)

Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is form of donation of great potential in China. The donation is irreversible, but its donors can appoint successor accounts which match the original motive. Donors enjoy tax benefits and have the right to advise the fund on its purpose and investment. SUF provides the donors professional services and the management of DAF bank account.

In 2018, SUF set up 3 special DAF accounts that were launched by groups or individuals. These three accounts are "Hundred City, Hundred Marathon", "Suhe Creek" and "250 Love-Heart".

Corporate Charity Participation

SUF provides corporations with various participation ways, including direct donation plans, employee participation programs and charity activity supporting plans. SUF offers services like direct donation channel, donation consultation as well as program management for more than 150 corporations. SUF also provides more than 120 charity activities and 130 according support for corporations.

NPO Fundraising Cooperation

SUF provides cooperation for the charity organizations in need including NPO special fund and NPO project cooperation. As a public foundation that supports the grassroots nonprofits, SUF assists such organization in wide activities range like public fund raising, capability building, sector communication and public advocacy. In 2018, SUF established 43 NPO special funds and 187 NPO project cooperations.
Donor Community
Through SUF Donor Club, SUF provides professional charity support and daily accompany to SUF donors who made public contribution through SUF. SUF strives to make rational donation as a consensus among more and more donors by promoting the culture of "improving charity awareness, enriching charity life, accumulating charity experience".

SUF Donor Club holds many charity activities annually. In 2018, the club invited 13 members as charity observers visiting charity projects in Chengdu, Guiyang, Zunyi, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yushu(Qinghai Province) in sequence to truly experience the changes after the practice of all these charity programs and deliver the value of "rational donation".
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