Brand Project

One Egg Project

This project, launched by Shanghai United Foundation in 2010, aims to provide students in poor areas with an egg a day. With “low investment, but high return” as its feature, “One Egg”, a kind of child nutrition project, was found to be really helpful for those children (avg. height +0.6 cm, avg. weight +1.5kg) to improve their problem of growth retardation and economic development effectively, based on the third-party evaluation by Shanghai NYU.

Handwashing Project

This project, launched by Shanghai United Foundation in 2018, aims to improve the problem of poor hygiene conditions for rural schools in the central & western regions through the improvement of environment, service, education and regulation. “Handwashing Project” not only helps these schools to establish handwashing services & health-care systems, but also cultivates good hygiene habits among children & parents for their better personal health.

Treasure Home Project

“Treasure Home” is a brand project launched by Shanghai United Foundation in 2019. With its aims to create a safe and child-friendly community space for children, the project is committed to helping urban children especially those in adverse environment grow into healthy, loving and positive people by providing long-term and diverse community services for children.
Grantmaking Program


E.G.G.Walkathon, a 50km hiking in 12 hours fundraising project for children's public welfare, was launched by Shanghai United Foundation in 2011. We adhere to the charity concept of happiness, independence and effectiveness to provide happy growth and equitable development for minors under 18. This project provides participators with dual value of personal challenge and charity involvement and, meanwhile, helps to improve the professional ability of public welfare organizations, allowing children to really benefit from institutional guarantee, professional services and social care.

Family Walkathon

Family Walkathon (by Shanghai United Foundation, since 2014) is a hiking public welfare project to support and improve the helping the old project and enable healthy, happy and active old age for senior citizens through parents and children involvement in Shanghai.

In 2022, “Family Walkathon” will focus on the theme of “home-based old-age-friendly renovation” to promote inclusive services of old-age-friendly transformation, popularize the overall concept of old-age-friendly design and explore old-age-friendly universal design system to create a truly old-age-friendly environment for the elderly now and people who is getting old through the cooperation among governments, market forces and non-profit organizations.

U Spring Program

U Spring Program (by Shanghai United Foundation in 2014) is a funding project for sustainable development of charity organizations. By providing funds for institution development and support for ability training, this program is to solve current issues of the singularity and poor anti-risk ability of non-profit organizations, form a good public welfare donation system in the region, improve the donor base, develop diverse resource integration ability, help to establish a professional fundraising and spreading supporting system in the field and promote rational development of the industry.
Special Fund
Special Fund & Project Cooperation

Three types of special fund cooperation modes, including public welfare special fund, enterprise special fund and donor advised fund (DAF), was set up for public welfare organizations, enterprises and donors (natural persons, communities, families) by Shanghai United Foundation

Special Fund, regulated by SUF, is earmarked and especially established for public welfare and charity with the feature of flexibility, efficiency and in-depth participation. Meanwhile, SUF provides their cooperative partners with special fund management committee meetings, one-on-one charity consultation, training and cultivating, auditing, etc., to accompany the overall growth of special fund partners and enhance the influence of brand special fund management committee meeting.

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