Grantmaking Program

U Block Program

Grantmaking Goal: to enhance the professional ability of nonprofits, and help children aged 0-18 grow healthily and develop equally.

Grantmaking Objects: the nonprofits targeting children in 4 domains including nutrition and health, education and development, safety and protection, and social integration.

Grantmaking Achievement: in 2018, the U Block Program of SUF funded 60 new programs. Till December 31st, 2018, the U Block program has funded 345 children projects of 165 NPOs covering 25 provinces, benefiting more than 600 thousands children, with a cumulative expenditure close to $7.37 million.

U Year Program

Grantmaking Goal: to enhance the professional ability of nonprofits, to help the elders have healthy, happy and positive lives in their later years.

Grantmaking Objects: nonprofits targeting elders in Shanghai in 4 domains including health care, aged service, cultural activities and community engagement.

Grantmaking Achievement: in 2018, the U Year Program of SUF funded 11 programs of 11 NPOs. Till the end of 2018, the U Year program has funded 30 projects of 18 NPOs, benefiting 8,338 people, with a cumulative expenditure more than $230,000.

U Spring Program

Grantmaking Goal: to enhance the communication and fundraising ability of nonprofits, to promote cooperation of nonprofits as well as NPO sector development.

Grantmaking Objects: grassroots nonprofits (targeting children), supportive organizations.

Grantmaking Achievement: in 2018, the U Spring Program of SUF funded 47 NPOs and 49 projects, including 41 fundraising and communication projects, 8 cooperation projects. Till December 31st, 2018, U Spring program has funded 104 projects of 83 NPOs, benefiting 28,184 people, with a cumulative expenditure more than $442,000.
Brand Project

One Egg Project

One Egg project targets at the growth retardation issue of children in poverty areas resulted from nutrition deficiency. The project provides children an egg a day in the semester to alleviate the problem of insufficient nutrient intakes . At the end of the Autumn Semester in 2018, the program covered 16,785 teachers and students in 128 schools in 7 provinces, including Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Guangxi. In the past 8 years, 167236 students and teachers of 167 schools had eaten 18,395,960 eggs. The project evalution conducted by New York University Shanghai during 2016-2018 shows that One Egg Project is effective in imrpoving children's nutrition and brings love and happy for children.

Handwashing Project

In 2018, SUF launched the Handwashing project targeting at improving water environment and children's health habit in the rural area kindergartens. The project provides training to the kindergarten staffs, parents and children to promote the children's handwashing behavior through 4 aspects: environment, education, service and system. At the polit phase, SUF worked with Save the Children (UK) Shanghai Office and Yunnan Sunlight Community Development Center to carry out the program in 2 kindergartens and trained 4 program partners. In 2019, the program will be carride out in more kindergartens.

Warm Socks Project

During the evaluation of One Egg project, SUF found a large number of children didn't wear socks or wore the worn-out socks in winter, because of poor economic situation as well as lack of nurturing knowledge. In 2018, SUF lauched the project and raised fund for new socks online to protect children's feet. The program was executed by cooperating with 13 grassroots NGOs in 14 cities/counties in 7 provinces of Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Qinghai and Shaanxi, 8,755 students in 72 primary schools and kindergartens were benefited.
Special Funding
Special Fund & Project Cooperation

In 2018, SUF established 43 charity foundations covering Community Development, Support System for Poverty Students, Disabled Support, Elders, Poverty Alleviation, Children in Plight, Social Assistance, NPO Sector Development, Social Welfare etc. Besides, SUF also launched 187 NPO project cooperations. In the same year, SUF had 3 corporate special funds. Through more professional ways, SUF accompanies corporations’ development together in long term charity practice.

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